The Weather and Your Roof

Roofers are one type of skilled trade entrepreneur who are abundant in North Carolina and South Carolina. Although they may not be the first to come to mind when thinking of bad weather, many times they are the business heroes that come to the rescue in the aftermath of many natural disasters! In the Carolinas, the recent weather has been quite out of the ordinary to say the least. Better put, completely crazy weather events that have plagued the Carolinas in the past week. If you aren’t aware, or if this post gets severely dated, the past 2 weeks have given us nothing but consistent, non-stop rain in both North and South Carolina. The rain itself has accumulated to record levels, flooding many parts of both states.

Videos of people fishing in NC and SC parking lots are going viral all over the internet.

However, adverse weather events are not all fun and games. In fact, most of them are pretty terrible. Although this particular event did not turn out as bad as say, hurricane Katrina, in areas where the flooding was more serious, videos of heroic folks rescuing people from their homes in boats are cropping up.The disastrous flood waters destroyed many homes and in some cases, entire communities. In many cases, people were trapped and in incredibly dangerous situations.

Roof tops are the only thing that can be seen in many areas.

Even when weather events are not out destroying entire communities, natural events can happen unexpectedly and may be a serious danger to your home. These types of events may happen anywhere, but in the Carolinas, we are heavily affected yearly by dangerous hurricanes that storm up the coast line. These hurricanes bring a variety of damaging storms with them.

Not too many years ago, a group of tornadoes surged through parts of the triangle area of North Carolina. Many houses were damaged. Afterwards, NC Roofers had their work cut out. Raleigh and Cary NC were populated areas that were hit particularly hard.Trees were uprooted. Businesses were turned to rubble. Roads were destroyed, and homes were pelted for miles around by wind, hail, and a mixture of debris.

Snowy RoofHeavy icing during the winter months brings its own flavor of home disaster. The heavy snow can weigh down weak roofs on homes, but the real danger comes from iced tree limbs. These heavy tree limbs that hang from the large Oak trees that make the Carolinas so beautiful simultaneously make it a danger zone when the right mix of weather comes to town.

Many times when these weather events happen, your roof is what takes on much of the immediate damage. As if the weather itself wasn’t bad enough, these events can leave you with thousands of dollars in damages. Luckily, most roofing experts work directly with your insurance company to give you a hassle free experience. In the case of the tornadoes that swept through NC, roofing Cary NC was on the case making peoples lives easier after the tragedy that they could not predict.

The most trusted roofers use a mix of technology to quickly assess the damage and get accurate quotes out to you and your insurers, get a timeline, and a complete project laid out in incredibly short amounts of time. New technology is constantly making this skilled trade more efficient, garnering more business for the roofer, and less money out of your pocket. As always, we like to point out where technology meets the road in real time.

Whether it’s hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, thunder storms, wind, rain, sleet, or snow, and roofing experts have been around the block and have seen it all. They can help you get your home looking nice again in the easiest way possible.


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