Welcome to the new home of TIE-Carolinas.org. We are a small team of individuals who help small businesses find each other and partner together. Particularly, we connect technical and computer based businesses with brick and mortar, and tradesmen.

In the coming weeks, expect to see a lot of fresh new content and posts and articles of all types.  We want everyone to get informed of the synergy that occurs when the wave of new entrepreneurs that the technology age has ushered in and who now do business in the clouds meet the entrepreneurs who literally built their businesses from the ground up.

Many small businesses write off new technology in favor of old methods, which leave many of them in the dust. Furthermore, many tech startups are so focused on the world of computers, they miss the wealth of opportunity that is right in front of them.

North Carolina in itself is gunning to be the east coast tech spot. Here in Raleigh-Durham, we hope to continue to foster that by connecting dots that have yet to be connected.

See you all soon,

TIE-Carolinas team